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So much was riding on the England 2018 team in Zurich when they gave the England 2018 presentation in the first week of December last year. But the keen support of Prince William and the former England Captain, David Beckham wasn’t enough to sway the vote sufficiently for England to win the rights to host the FIFA 2018 World Cup. In fact they hardly got a look in.

England 2018 Presentation
England 2018 Presentation Under The Spotlight In Parliament

Several commentators noted all the various elements of their technical presentation. And others referred to the style and execution of the presenters themselves. And, of course the England 2018 presentation glowed in all the right areas. A good solid technical presentation and excellent presenters. So, what more could one do? But it was not to be. Since FIFA’s selection of the 2018 World Cup host was clearly more than a game of two halves.

England 2018 Presentation Not Enough To Win

Now Lord Triesman, the former FA Chairman, has made some revelations about the whole FIFA 2018 bidding process. He gave evidence before the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) select committee in the House of Commons. And in his evidence Lord Triesman suggested that England’s hopes for their presentation were ill-placed. Oh, the joys of hindsight.

Lord Triesman FIFA presentation
Former FA Chairman Lord Triesman

Winning the rights to host the 2018 FIFA Cup wasn’t a matter of the right England 2018 presentation, the best PowerPoint slides or, indeed, the best presenters. And, certainly not the David Cameron FIFA presentation. Oh, well. There was clearly a lot more to it than that. Airing these matters with Parliamentary privilege is one thing. But a FIFA investigation into Lord Triesman’s claim is another. Allegations to one side, there’s still the whiff of a “whinge” here.

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