Ford Taurus SHO Presentation Moving Forward

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jul 22
Ford Taurus SHO

The Ford Taurus SHO Convention, Dearborn, Michigan

When you are the Ford Taurus SHO Chief Engineer it pays to be precise with your words. Technical data, dimensions and specifications all benefit from precision. Well, they do when you are world class and are based in Dearborn.

So it’s a pity that Taurus SHO Chief Engineer Mike Celentino doesn’t pay so much attention to his words when he’s presenting. In a Dearborn, Michigan presentation at the Taurus SHO convention he noted:

“We will continue to push the performance of the vehicle, and you will see more performance … going forward.”

Well, yes. Isn’t that the whole point. Going forward is the main focus (no Ford pun intended) of the Ford Taurus SHO, whether it’s 365 horsepower or 400 horsepower.

It’s woolly management speak that either perplexes an audience or leaves them unmoved.

But he did get something right. His audience loved the idea of more performance in the Taurus SHO–he clearly knows his audience.

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  • Brian H. says:

    It’s good he knows his audience. Probably the #1 rule in presenting. I love the Taurus myself. Still puzzled on why they tried replacing it with the Five Hundred a few years back.

  • Grook says:

    really nice car.

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