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Creating a memorable presentation is the goal of just about every presenter. But, to meet that goal most presenters need a bit of help. So, that's why emorable presentation content is typically what's needed.

Memorable presentation content

Memorable presentation content is just that bit of help that's needed. Unfortunately for most of us that's where we stop. Because we are unsure of the extent of our creative energy. Unsure of whether to ditch PowerPoint clip art or just unsure of the time scales involved with a more creative approach. Problems.

But, assistance is at hand. Because there's a brand new presentation slide deck that's just published on Slideshare. It promises a solution to how to get to grip with the problem of memorable presentation content.

It is a visually stimulating presentation that makes your task that much easier. So, it effectively puts goals in place for your content. And it explains how you can reach them. Now there's still scope for creativity, but now you've got some purpose!

Titled, "What Makes Content Memorable," it's prepared by Carmen Simon http://www.reximedia.com and Bruce Kasanoff http://www.kasanoff.com who both have tons of experience in writing and creativity.

Ten Ways To Create Memorable Presentation Content

The slide deck lists 10 ways to make your presentations and pitches more memorable:

  • Evoke emotion
  • Use contrast
  • Spark mental pictures
  • Use the unusual
  • Be shocking and visual
  • Visually simplify
  • Exaggerate
  • Have them say it
  • Tell stories
  • Be relevant

"Exaggeration attracts extra attention"

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This is a very useful slide deck for everyone wanting to give a memorable presentation. There's a lesson for all of us. Create memorable presentation content. Equally memorable, but for all the wrong reasons, was this Baltimore presentation.

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