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You might recognise the moment. It happens when you are busily presenting and someone, typically at the back of the room, indicates to you that it’s time to wrap it up. Reach your conclusion. It’s nearly time to finish. If that’s familiar, then Susan Harkins might have a solution for you. Writing in the TechRepublic Microsoft Office blog, she notes a simple design solution for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint presentation shortcut.

PowerPoint presentation shortcut
PowerPoint Presentation Shortcut No Certain Route To Success

With her PowerPoint presentation shortcut solution she places a hyperlink to the presentation’s conclusion on each of her presentation slides. And, she recommends that you do the same thing. That way, should you need to, you can quickly get to your last slide. And, on your last slide, you can finish your presentation without a frantic trawl through the slide deck. Is there really anything worse than continually clicking for the next slide as you look for your conclusion?

So, is this really such a simple solution to the problem?

Not so fast. Admirable solution that it is. That’s because when you place strategic hyperlinks in your PowerPoint, you can’t expect them to sort out your presenting problem. Because there is a problem. Your presentation timings are all over the place. You won’t solve your timing problem with either PowerPoint or a PowerPoint presentation shortcut…or, indeed with an alternative to PowerPoint. Because, it’s your job to solve the timing issue. It’s not someone else’s.

PowerPoint Presentation Shortcut: Practise Your Presentation

Therefore, it’s your job to practise your presentation.Then you should edit it to time. And, finally you should deliver your presentation to the time available.

That’s a simple presentation technique…time planning for presenters. By all means place hyperlinks in your PowerPoint presentation. Just don’t expect them to solve your presenting problem.

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  • The ability to brcadoast presentations in real-time on anybody’s internet browser regardless of whether or not THEY have powerpoint I think that’s incredible. That alone makes this version a huuuuge improvement.

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