PowerPoint Presenter Coins New Approach to Monmouthshire Budget

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Jan 31

Now here’s a question. How often have you been distracted by a presenter jingling the coins in his trouser pockets during his presentation?

It’s a common occurrence.

Monmouthshire County Councillor Phil Murphy is certainly no exception as a presenter who’s prone to jingling.

There’s a distinct jingle of coins in pocket as he begins his latest YouTube presentation of the Council’s 2012/ 2013 fiscal position.

An unintended thematic start…the jingle, jangle of coins to begin a financial budget presentation. Superb.

Councillor Murphy came to our attention last year with his brave, enthusiastic and original presentation. That presentation aimed to promote understanding of the County Council’s financial status and future plans.

This year he’s in action again with a public presentation filmed and produced by his Monmouthshire colleague, Helen Reynolds.

His audience is subdued, the odd cough apart, as he works his way methodically through his presentation.

Critically his presentation will be improved when he achieves more eye contact with his audience. He appears more comfortable looking at his slides. That’s a pity because he knows his stuff.

He’s the Cabinet Member for Finance…budgets and budget analysis must be running through his veins. Next time we hope that he’ll not look at his slides showing on the screen behind–and look us in the eye directly. He might consider a story board on the desk in front of him or perhaps have sight of his slides on a small notebook computer—for his reassurance only.

His slide material is dry and not at all helped by endless bullet lists. Pictures graphs, quotes, big numbers—they would all work better and harder at getting across the big stories, successes and opportunities for everyone in Monmouthshire.

But it remains a superbly confident approach to getting across a Council’s financial budget to the local population.


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