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Today’s inter-connected world can be a challenge to any presenter. One only has to think of the distractions posed by trilling ring tones, Blackberry bleeps or text alerts. And that doesn’t take account of the bloggers in your audience using their smart phones to blog, tweet or text. But presenters can strike back. Because smarter presentations are here. Technology doesn’t have to be a one-sided development for presenters. And that’s because smartphones are full of possibilities for the serious business presenter.

Smarter presentations
Smarter Presentations Given A Boost With Smartphones

Smarter Presentations With New Smartphone Capabilities

The team at PC World has come up with several options for smarter presentations helped with smartphones.

  1. External Drive. When you have a presentation to give you can use your smartphone as an external drive. There’s no real need to take along a notebook computer to your presentation venue if there’s already a laptop and a projector. Load your PowerPoint or Keynote file onto your smartphone, pack a cable and away you go. If you forget a file, and you use an online file archive, you should have the means to access the missing file via your smartphone as well. Perfect.
  2. Remote control. When your presentation venue already has a notebook computer and a projector you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Many smartphones that support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies also support simple slide advance applications for your presentation.
  3. Video. More and more smartphones now support a “video out” (HDMI/ MHL output) capability. You can host your presentation on your smartphone, connect to your projector with a mini-cable and give your presentation. Beyond your projector and smartphone there’s no need for another device. If you reckon your iPhone or Android device supports HDMI or MHL output, do make sure that you dress rehearse the set-up before the event.
  4. Presentation software. When you choose to use your smartphone as your presentation device you are likely to need some presentation software. Many smartphone support this. PowerPoint Viewer works on Windows phone 7. And Documents to Go or Quickoffice Pro works with Android or i Phones to display PowerPoint presentations. If there are font or layout inconsistencies between your native version of PowerPoint or Keynote you could always use a remote desktop application. This allows your smartphone to access your desktop computer and then present your presentation in all its glory. If you plan to use a desktop application remember to make sure that you have all the connectivity you need.

Smarter Solutions For Presenters

These solutions are with us right now. And the next step in terms of technology?
Well, we looked at the 3M MP180 pocket presentation projector last year. That’s a great pico-projector that’s proved more than worthwhile. Will there come a time when a smartphone takes on pico-projector capabilities?

Maybe. There was a time when phone cameras were a novelty. Until then there’s plenty to work with for your next presentation.

When you need help and assistance with your next presentation you can always work through our presentation skills tips. Or, as an alternative, you can join us for a presentation skills course. You can train at a regular, scheduled course or organise your very own corporate presentation training. You can also choose an on-site or off-site training centre. Please do not hesitate to get in touch when you need more assistance.

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About the Author

The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Based in Oxford, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

  • PowerPoint uses a rigid sequential logic web 1.0 (for digital immigrants) Prezi is an innovative communication tool Web 3.0 (for digital native). This is the evolution that awaits us. Prof Daniele Pauletto

  • Hi , It’s Steve, those devices are just phenomenal!! What a great idea to use them with a projector! It’s just awesome!! The best projector to choose would be one with Texas Instrument technology (the iphone protection combined with a projector). There are chinese devices but i don’t think they’re really good for that use.

    Thanks for the info.


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