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A cancelled presentation has probably made more noise than had it been allowed to go ahead. The cancelled presentation was a Wayne Huang presentation. Wayne is the founder and chief technology officer of application security vendor, Armorize Technologies Inc.

Wayne Huang presentation
Armorize Cancels Wayne Huang Presentation at Black Hat 2010

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Mr Huang was due to present at the Black hat 2010 show next week in Las Vegas. His presentation, “The Chinese Cyber Army: An Archaeological Study from 2001 to 2010” was due to show government-backed cyber espionage and commercial espionage in China.

Wayne Huang Presentation Cancelled

The official line is that the company cancelled the presentation by Mr Huang and one of his colleagues. Not least because it realised that revealing sensitive information might jeopardise the commercial relationship with one of its biggest clients. That’s the Taiwan Government, of course.

Clearly, no-one outlined the sensitive information. But we can only guess that Taipei’s relationship with Beijing would be compromised if the Huang presentation went ahead. Because there’s clearly much at stake with the relationship as this Christian Dior presentation proves.

Who needs black hat techniques when realpolitik works like this? Of course, here in the United Kingdom, we have our own fair share of such shenanigans. Because only in 2016 an autocue speech prompter plot caused howls of protest from Norwich Labour MP Clive Lewis. His protests were in vain. Because the Liverpool conference organisers changed his speech script without him knowing. Shenanigans. And, don’t forget the Tom Watson speech at the Labour party 2018 conference in Liverpool. The organisers pulled that speech slot with only days to go.

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