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You really should know how to get your message across in your presentation. Because that has to be a major focus when you present. Particularly if you are a Head Teacher. And that’s something that the principal of Germantown High School in Tennessee has found out…the hard way. At least he’s discovered how a Principal presentation provokes real upset.

Principal presentation
Outcry After Principal presentation In Germantown, Tennessee

Parents complained after his presentation during a school assembly that his students attended. Normally we discuss how a student presentation or speech shows there’s no freedom of speech in school. But this time it’s the authorities in the dock.

The issues started as some parents moaned about figures shown in Dr. Ted Horrell’s presentation. The figures purported to show a difference in the educational attainment of students, bracketed by race. Uh, oh, you might think. But, perhaps he didn’t.

In Defence Of The Principal Presentation

In his defence the Principal explained that the purpose of his presentation was to introduce a new initiative. An initiative that would provide an extra period of academic support for struggling students. Unfortunately many of the Germantown students missed the message. They told their parents. And then their parents also missed the gist of the Principal presentation. Superb.

Fortunately for the Principal he rolled out a damage limitation exercise immediately. So, apologies and explanations poured out.

It just goes to show how minded you have to be about your message, the evidence you use and any nuances that might be gleaned. Take care with messages like this. Indeed any message that you want understood by your audience.

The Principal will survive. Not everyone took offence—many students were baffled by the fuss. They understood the Principal’s presentation message…achievement is everything.

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