Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture on Presentation Tour in Hungary

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Feb 24

Ministries of Tourism and Culture are often the worst promoters of travel and tourism. Such government departments rarely give a good presentation of their country’s assets–suggesting tiresome relics, dusty artifacts and mouldering museums.

Aiming to disprove that contention is the Azerbaijan Ministry of Tourism and Culture. They’ve embarked on a set of presentations in Hungary with the aim of promoting Azerbaijani culture.

Presentation Azerbaijan Embassy

Ministry of Culture presentation

Working with the Azerbaijani embassy in Budapest the team at the Ministry gave a series of presentations and lectures at two Hungarian universities.

Audience for the Azerbaijan presentations

University audience for the Azerbaijan presentations

So far, so good, you might think. But it was the quality of the presentation titles that really caught our eye. They were rivetingly bad, akin to something from the Soviet days in their awfulness. The series of presentations was titled:

Scientific Presentation of Azerbaijani Culture

The Head of the scientific-methodical sector of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Asif Usubaliyev, gave a presentation titled:

The main priorities of the cultural policy in Azerbaijan

And the director of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ilham Mammadzaded gave a presentation titled:

Some problems of international scientific cooperation and development of social sciences in Azerbaijan

There was a slight improvement with the presentation by Associate Professor of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, Ilham Najafov:

Musical Culture of Azerbaijan

This was a wide-ranging but simple title for the presentation. It was accompanied by a recital of various Azerbaijani musical instruments that enlivened the presentation no end.

Presenting to an audience of university students and fellows is one thing. But as a presenter you still have the duty to make your presentation engaging and useful. A well-constructed presentation can be lifted with an equally well-crafted presentation title. A title with meaning, significance and audience value will prove memorable and boost your presenting success.

That’s something that the Ministry might consider for their next presentation series.


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