Adele 21 Second Brit Acceptance Speech a Blur

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Feb 22

A speech cut short was the message that followed Adele’s acceptance speech at the close of the Brit Awards last night.

And indeed it was cut short. Adele, fresh from her Grammy Awards success in the USA, won two Brit awards at yesterday’s event at the O2 arena in London. Britain’s most successful female singer was only seconds into her acceptance speech for 21, the best album of the last year when the host, James Corden, stopped her in mid-flow.

Live tv schedules count for everything in this business. And a long rambling speech by the veteran Britpop performer Damon Albarn, of Blur, shattered their schedule. Shattered to such an extent that Adele’s speech lasted seconds only. Allowing for all the applause and cheering, her speech lasted some 21 seconds. It was just enough to say “thank you” and recognise her pride in being British!

It’s not unusual for speeches or presentations to be cut short. There’s often more notice, but schedules do change. Perhaps next time the television organisers, who have apologised profusely for interrupting her speech, will brief the speakers beforehand. Then the artists would have the chance to deliver an edited acceptance speech.


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