Real Madrid Presentation Unveils German Zidane

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Aug 19
Footballer Mesut Ozil

German player Mesut Ozil is compared with Zidane at Real Madrid presentation

A presentation at the Bernabeu stadium compared the new Real Madrid signing, Mesut Ozil, with the former France and Real Madrid legend, Zinedine Zidane.

Germany World Cup wunder kid, Mesut Ozil, has signed for Real Madrid from his old team, Werder Bremen for the bargain basement price of £12.4m. How the German club must be kicking themselves to have allowed his contract to nearly run out!

The presentation itself was the usual showy performance that clubs make for the media. The standard presentation prop–the player shirt–was used to good effect and will, no doubt, be a top-seller in the weeks ahead.

In his presentation Ozil noted that he felt entirely flattered with the comparison to Zidane. No doubt it’s a comparison that’s going to take some living up to. His presentation also noted the importance of Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid coach, in his decision to sign. These presentations were full of flattery! Let’s hope that it doesn’t end in tears.

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