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When you look to give your next trading update, you could do worse than consider an interview presentation. That's certainly the approach that Premier Oil took last week as their CEO, Tony Durrant, gave a trading update on the first half of 2019.

Interview presentation

Interview Presentation Proves A Hit For Premier Oil Trading Update

Yes, this was a very brief, concise trading update. But, why not? Because the presentation captured everything that had to be said. And, of course, your audience can always ask questions after the presentation itself. We've not had much success with our oil industry presentations since the Howard Weil conference presentation that simply drained energy and the diffident Total PowerPoint presentation.

Brief Interview Presentation Works Well

However, it was the choice of interview presentation rather than its brevity that we noticed. Now, it has to be said that some CEO presenters are not as competent as others at the dark arts of presentations. And why should they be? So, the interview presentation could prove the perfect fit for any CEO or company chairman wanting to give a presentation…but not wanting to be the sole focus.

So, in this brief update we heard "Scott" of BRR Media ask questions of the Premier Oil CEO, Tony Durrant. Obviously we heard some open-ended questions. And these led to some good points from Tony. But we also heard some closed questions. And, surprisingly these also allowed Tony to be expansive in his answers. That's neat.

Practised But Not Scripted?

The odd um and er suggests that Tony wasn't reading from a script. Although he was clearly well-briefed and, importantly, practised for this very brief 4-minute interview presentation. And this is critical to a well-received interview presentation, since it has to sound authentic. And this one did.

There are only three slides in this slide deck. Yes, we did say that this was a brief presentation. And, certainly on the short side for an ideal presentation length. However, the slides are all presentable. Although the middle slide, that does all the heavy lifting, is a bit cluttered. Since there really is a lot of information on this one slide.

Perhaps the investor team at Premier Oil could make more of their slide deck, with the same amount of content on a few more slides. But, I do have the sense that one major slide probably helped with Tony's responses to the interviewer's questions. Cue the slides, get to slide number two, and stop right there. What could be easier?

Do we have any recommendations for the next Premier Oil trading update presentation? Keep it up, and perhaps slow down the pace a bit with more effective pauses.

You can always discover plenty of presentation tips with our regular series of effective presentation tips, podcasts and videos. And, with more than 100 top tips, there's really something for every presentation opportunity. Plus, when you have plenty of presentations in the pipeline and you want to become more accomplished, then you can always consider presentation training. So, when the time is right, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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