Insecure Future for PowerPoint Presentation at RSA 2011

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Nov 30
PowerPoint presentation for RSA Conference 2011

The middle PowerPoint slide from Matt Blaze's presentation for RSA Conference 2011

Matt Blaze of the University of Pennsylvania was astonished to find that his commitment to speak at the RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco included an undertaking to submit a PowerPoint presentation slide deck.

He hates PowerPoint and goes to some lengths to avoid using it.

All of which was fine until the organisers of the RSA Conference 2011 required him to submit PowerPoint slides that could, no doubt, be copied and circulated in advance of his presentation.

It’s standard practice for most conference organisers; and it’s certainly one big reason why PowerPoint is used so frequently at these events.

But Matt rebelled. He’s created a three-slide PowerPoint presentation for the organisers. Slide one is neatly titled:

“My PowerPoint slides for the RSA Conference 2011, Matt Blaze, University of Pennsylvania”

Slide three is titled:

“End of PowerPoint Presentation for RSA-2011, Matt Blaze, University of Pennsylvania”

But it’s his middle PowerPoint slide that’s a work of art. It’s an elegant and eloquent rebuttal of the need to use PowerPoint slides on each and every presentation occasion.

Matt, I salute you. But, something tells me that the conference organisers might be looking to fill your presenting slot with someone else!

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    That is a hilarious and ingenious way to deal with event organising autocrats. Well done Matt!

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