Galloway Speech: What’s Gone Wrong With Canada?

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Dec 01
George Galloway speech at Calgary University

George Galloway’s speech at Calgary University to an audience of 750.

George Galloway has surfaced in Canada with a public speaking tour across the country. When he tried to do the same thing in 2009, a Calgary Member of Parliament managed to get him barred from the country.

But this time he’s been allowed in–inspiring the usual protests that typically follow his public speaking events.

The former Westminster firebrand took the theme of, “What’s Gone Wrong with Canada,” for his speech in the MacEwan Hall at Calgary University last week.

His audience of some 750 students and others was treated to an outburst aimed at Canadian politicians and Canada’s media. Their offence? They had the audacity to support Israel in its tangles with Hamas…and no doubt the audacity to bar George from Canada in 2009.

By all accounts his audience was thrilled with his speaking performance. There’s no denying his passion for the subject of Palestinian human rights. And if his speech inspires others in the audience to share that passion…that’s a success.

His audience might want to note, of course, that the largely Muslim and ethnic minority constituents in his Parliamentary constituency of Poplar and Limehouse, East London, grew tired with his posturing and threw him out at the General Election in May 2010. He received 17.5% of the vote and came third behind Labour and the Conservatives!

That’s the passion of firebrand politics.

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