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SmartDraw, the California-based software company, has previewed its new SmartDraw software application. And their choice of conference? Well, they chose the Presentation Summit in San Diego this week. The software, said to reinvent PowerPoint, helps users to prepare their PowerPoint slide shows with more than a difference or two. So, a SmartDraw PowerPoint presentation could well include: slide shows with pictures, drawings, flow-charts and diagrams. Thus, it’s a very welcome departure from the usual business PowerPoint slide deck comprising bullet lists ad infinitum.

SmartDraw PowerPoint presentation
SmartDraw PowerPoint Presentation App Re-Draws PowerPoint Borders

Simple And Effective SmartDraw PowerPoint Presentation

SmartDraw allows its users to plan, prepare and produce their own presentations easily. In fact, they don’t have to even open their copy of PowerPoint. Their SmartDraw visual processor gives users the tools to turn out their newly-formed pictures and diagrams in a PowerPoint presentation. With just one click. Simple stuff.

If SmartDraw can get more than a toe-hold in the market we really could begin to see some more visually rich business PowerPoint presentations. Now that would be very welcome.

Of course we’ve come across a few alternatives to PowerPoint. Some work, and others have sadly bombed. Some of the more creative were the mobile PowerPoint presentation alternatives. But, of course, we welcome any product that adds to the presentation experience for everyone involved: audiences as well as presenters. Because none of us wants to sit through the death by PowerPoint experience of so many presenters. So, if SmartDraw can help, that’s great.

You can always discover plenty of presentation tips, podcasts and videos to help you with just about any presentation. Please scroll through the tips to help you become more confident or successful with your presenting. And, when you need to give your presentation skills a further boost, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Because a well-timed training course or coaching session might be just the intervention you need to get your presentations on track to success.

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The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Now based in London, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

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