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By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Apr 07
Brian Wetzel presentation

Brian Wetzel, comic and serious presenter

It takes a rare ability for someone to mix good comic timing into their presentation. But when you make your living as a stand up comedian on the comedy circuit that’s no problem at all.

What is surprising is that Brian Wetzel, who makes his living on the US comedy circuit should actually be doing presentations at all.

His presentations are about living with depression. And they relate a whole series of incidents and anecdotes about his life on the road and his life with depression. It’s sobering stuff that he relates with plenty of gags and self-deprecating humour.

In his presentation at the Black Box Cabaret at California State University, Monterey Bay he noted:

I was so uptight about dating, I would have a woman sign a prenuptial agreement before going out to have a latte.

His presentations are mainly to youth groups and students on college campuses where his goal is to get people talking about depression. With that achieved most commentators reckon that’s the first gain when it comes to suicide prevention.

His audiences are appreciative of the one hour, one-man presentation. Many then take the chance to speak candidly with the presenter about their own experiences with depression. It all makes for a fascinating presentation mix of seriousness and comedy.


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