Murdoch Speech on Hold as Sesame Street Protestors Evicted from Palace Hotel

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Oct 19
Rupert Murdoch conference speech

Rupert Murdoch's conference speech is interrupted by protestors

Taking their cue from the Occupy Wall Street protestors, a small group of activists self-styled as Occupy Sesame Street, forced a break in Rupert Murdoch’s conference speech this week. Mr Murdoch, Chief Executive of News Corporation, was speaking on the subject of technology and public education when protestors interrupted his speech.

He was speaking at the National Summit on Education Reform in San Francisco when the Occupy Sesame Street activists began their protest about the privatization of public education. Their protest comprised a series of individuals standing up, holding a placard and shouting. For maximum effect, each protestor took it in turn to rise to their feet and make a protest from within the selective audience. As a form of rolling protest it seemed novel, if not effective.

It didn’t have much impact on the speaker. Mr Murdoch remained bemused by the unfolding spectacle in the auditorium. After some delay he continued with his speech once security guards had ejected the protestors.

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