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No offence intended. But would you rather have a former footballer, politician or Royal Princess to give an opening speech when you open your next hospital, office or factory. Of course, no matter your republican tendency, we all know the star quality of a Royal opening ceremony. They work and they work really well. So, it was really no surprise to see the Duchess of Cambridge giving a very stylish opening speech yesterday in Norfolk.

Opening speech

A Stylish Opening Speech From The Duchess of Cambridge In Norfolk

The occasion was the opening of the Nook Children's hospice in Norfolk. And what an occasion it was because it's taken five years to raise the millions needed to design and construct the new centre.

The Duchess's opening speech was brief and that's always desirable for an opening or launch speech. Indeed, she set the scene and the tone immediately. And that's little different to how anyone should open a speech with style.

It is wonderful to be here today to open The Nook Hospice. And a huge congratulations to everyone here involved.
The Nook is a realisation of a vision that began five years ago. Thanks to immense generosity and support from all those who contributed to the Appeal, this state-of-the-art facility is fully operational and already making such a difference.

Royal Opening Speech With Style

The Duchess has some experience with the East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH) as their royal patron for several years. Indeed she launched the funding appeal for this new hospice.

She's certainly a more confident speaker than she once was. Aren't we all, and it's good to see the natural diffidence give way to an unassuming confident air. Of course there's no doubt she was well-prepared for her speech. Because that's how the Royal family does things. So, when you next have to give an opening speech, do make sure to prepare well.

The Nook Hospice is a fitting tribute to all your staff, its generous supporters and its awe-inspiring children and families who I have been so lucky to meet here today. I therefore could not be more delighted to invite my army of little helpers to join me in officially opening this new hospice.
Thank you so much

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