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It might not have the riveting excitement of shows such as the X Factor but Pakistan’s television show, Young Ambassadors of Peace (YAP), might prove more beneficial to the country in the longer term. The show is essentially a Pakistan public speaking contest contest for the UNESCO-selected (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) Young Ambassadors of Peace.

Pakistan public speaking contest
Pakistan Public Speaking Contest Now On TV

Its format takes in backstage activities, pre-speech practice and contestant nerves. There’s also some good coverage of the drama of the contestants’ public speaking performance when delivering their speeches.

The UNESCO Young Ambassadors of Peace programme isn’t unique to Pakistan…but the YAP speech contest certainly appears to be in a league of its own.

Pakistan Public Speaking Contest: A Risky Business In Pakistan?

There’s no doubt that public speaking can be a risky business in Pakistan. Mrs Bhutto met her premature demise before a major election campaign speech. And, of course, more recently in an Imran Khan speech, the Chairman of the PTI party fell from a forklift truck. It was, of course lifting him 5 metres off the ground to his public speaking platform! Dangerous, indeed.

Then there was the Pakistan president speech that was disrupted by a shoe-throwing protester. A sole protester on this occasion.

So with that sort of background the young YAP contestants can only be admired. Certainly the show has a geographic flavour to it. Speakers from eight districts featured in the first of the 16 shows in the series. Then, speakers from a further eight districts appeared in the second show. And, of course, we can expect speakers from the last of Pakistan’s 24 districts to appear in the third show.

Young Ambassadors of Peace – Episode 1

The Young Ambassadors of Peace – Pakistan’s biggest youth reality show – watch every Sunday at 10:05 on ATV!

Presumably the YAP Pakistan public speaking contest then starts to heat up. Because the contestants, drawn from all four of Pakistan’s regions, contest the final speaking positions. There might be a theme at play here. Because across the border there’s a Chinese public speaking contest in Kabul. yes, in Kabul.

We can’t really gauge the audience figures for the Pakistan shows that are broadcast on terrestrial television. But their content and style is likely to meet audience needs for good quality, sober viewing.

Delivering speeches in the name of peace certainly shouldn’t attract the attention of Taliban militants. We hope that’s the case. Good luck to everyone.

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