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Training Outline

PresentPerfectTMis a practical hands-on public speaking skills training course. With tuition, demonstration and practice we give you the skills to speak confidently and achieve better outcomes with your speeches. This public speaking skills training outline should help you as you look to improve your skills.

Grow Your Public Speaking Skills

Succeed With All Your Speeches

Better Speeches

You are especially keen to give better speeches. And, equally, we want you to do just that. So, that's how we organise our training courses.

Be Confident

Our ambition is for you to grow your public speaking confidence markedly. So you are ready for any speech, whenever that happens.


You can readily succeed with your speeches. Because, surely that's something that we all want.

Our training courses are always highly interactive. And, of course we encourage that with a small class size. So, that means a typical class size of 6 trainees. But, on occasion you might have fewer participants. Importantly, each one of our courses is one day long.

So, we aim to start at 0900 and finish by 1700 to 1730. Exceptionally we can run a two-day course for students. However, this is really only necessary where there are special language needs. However, it's something we can always do.

I've had some great feedback so I think they all enjoyed it. Thank you.

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All Your Key Learning Points

This outline should give you a good idea of who can benefit and, what you can expect to learn on a public speaking skills training course.

Learning Points

  1. Understand the dynamics of public speaking
  2. Learn how to research an audience
  3. Know how to prepare and practise for a speech
  4. Find out how to rehearse
  5. How to give an impromptu speech
  6. Learn the point, turn and talk technique
  7. Understand how to use rhetorical techniques
  8. Know how to prepare for questions and answers


A PresentPerfectTM public speaking training course is ideal for professionals, managers, sales executives, team leaders and job interview candidates. It's ideal if you want to:

  • Maximise your speaking opportunities
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Develop your speaking skills
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Boost your industry profile
  • Plan and prepare better speeches
  • Deliver well-received speeches
simple and effective.

It's Time For New Skills.

Develop your public speaking skills with your own training course, a one to one coaching session, corporate training or a skills refresher. As a result, aim to become more confident as you give your next conference speech.

About The Training And Coaching

We designed our public speaking training course for professionals, managers, sales executives, team leaders and job interview candidates.

It's always true to say that most of our training course participants have some experience of giving speeches. But it's fair to say that some are new to the whole experience altogether.

We always aim to ensure that beginner trainees stick together and those course participants with more experience also attend the course with other experienced participants. This makes for a more effective learning experience in the training room.

So, you are ready for your speech, regardless of whether it's a CEBIT speech or something closer to home. The course is ideal if you want to realise some, if not all, of these objectives:

Your Training Objectives

Maximise every speech opportunity

Deliver confident speeches

Enhance your career prospects

Boost your industry profile

Use your voice to full effect as you speak

Plan and prepare better speeches

Don't fear rhetorical techniques

Nurture your public speaking skills

This is only a brief public speaking training outline. So, when you want to really grow your own public speaking abilities, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. At that stage we can have the opportunity to discuss your needs, or indeed those of your team, in some detail.

Contact Details

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for public speaking course advice.

Phone number

01344 859823

Email Address

"Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent."


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