Amanda Spielman Speech Scores High Marks

Speech Launches OFSTED Annual Report

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Dec 18

That includes a group of schools that I would call ‘the intractables’. These are the schools – around 130 of them – that have never been judged good at any point in the last decade.

We also spotted some other delights.

We should celebrate how many schools are now good

Because, of course, every government department speech has to celebrate something nowadays. Then we heard:

I am a believer in the school-led self-improving system.

I sense that this is an alternative to student-centred learning. we used to hear a lot of that.

Then, she told us about provision.

The childcare sector also relies heavily on the market for provision.

Provision is a word that’s slid into the educational lexicon very swiftly. But, I really don’t know what it’s all about. It’s probably important. So, I’m sure that whatever needs to be said could really be said in a better, more robust and meaningful way.

Longer Sentences For Spielman Speech

Sentence length also became quite long. We spotted:

But, despite the fact that most early years providers are doing well, our recent research into the Reception Year raised some questions about the suitability of the statutory framework under which they operate.

and also:

Yes, we reported that the best schools – the ones in which disadvantaged children do best – place a strong emphasis on early reading, on having children sitting properly at a table when learning to write and on developing early number skills.

Everything I see in my job, looking at the work of thousands of children’s homes, colleges, apprenticeships providers, schools and nurseries, shows me that isn’t a pipe dream. In fact, the areas I have identified today are some of the last remaining barriers that stand in our way. Tackling them will not be easy. But the prize is great – a country that is both caring and bold, innovative but unified, aspirational and at the same time fair.

Because that job is certainly political. And who will be her political masters during the next five years?


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