PowerPoint Presentation Prequel For New Party Leader

By Andrew Ivey | Presentations

Sep 25

Ann Black, chair of the Labour Party National Executive Committee, had the role of announcing the winner of the Labour Party’s leadership contest today at the Party conference in Manchester. And she chose to announce the results to the rest of the Party (and the country) with a PowerPoint presentation.

The reasoning behind her decision became clear after a short while. The voting system behind the leadership campaign did its best to look modern and muddled at the same time. The added complexity of the alternative votes compounded the sense of complexity. PowerPoint rode to the rescue.

And rescue it did. It handled the complexity of the different voting sources and their different weights…members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, party members, Trades Union members etc.

And it allowed a visual representation for the allocation of the alternative votes as one after the other candidate was “knocked out” of the contest.

Using a PowerPoint presentation on such an occasion proved both effective and worthwhile. Well done, Ann.

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