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Public Speaking Skills

For most of us we get to a time in our working lives when we really must aim to give effective speeches, with or without the training. And, what's more we have to deliver each and every time. That's quite easy for some people. But, it's more difficult for others.

It's difficult because not everyone knows how a good speech is made or delivered. That's because they might not know the essential techniques involved and they probably don't have the confidence to give a good speech.

Sometimes you want the time and space to focus on your own public speaking needs. Focus is very important to you. You want to work at your own pace. On your own. Because, you want your training to be 100% on target and relevant. Therefore, you need one to one public speaking skills coaching.

Boost Your Skills

One-to-one public speaking skills coaching gives you the chance to work on all the key public speaking skills that you need. For your work. Or your career. Perhaps for your professional standing. Or, maybe you already have a speaking slot at the Queen Elizabeth conference centre? If you do, then we can always help. Because a one-to-one public speaking coaching session should prove invaluable.

So, when you want some dedicated resource targeted for your own public speaking abilities and needs, then a one to one public speaking skills coaching session is always the perfect match.

And that's where public speaking coaching comes in. Because coaching will give you the all-important understanding of how to deliver a good speech. And, it will also give you the invaluable confidence to speak perfectly every time.

Equally, you really do sometimes want the time and space to focus on your own skills needs. Since focus is very important to you. Thus, you want your new skills to be 100% on target and relevant.

And you also want to work at your own pace. On your own. So, personal skills coaching gives you that one-to-one coaching package.

Personalised just for you

A one to one public speaking skills coaching session is the ideal opportunity to develop your skills with your own personal trainer/ coach. A personal coaching session is that opportunity. Focused training targeted to your needs and personal to you.


The script was a very good idea although I don't think I was as slow as I should be but, I delivered on time!

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Checklist For Public Speaking Coaching

Includes: A one day public speaking session with your own speech coach. And, it's just you on this one-to-one session. We train at a business-oriented training venue in a city centre or easily accessible location...or your offices, if you prefer.


Morning tea/ coffee, working lunch, afternoon tea/ coffee, refreshments, full overhead projection facilities, Internet access.


Full set of training materials and a qualified communications trainer.


Agree on a date, time and place.

Grow With Public Speaking Coaching

Better Speeches

You want to give so much better speeches. And, equally, we want you to do that. So, that's how we organise our coaching sessions.

Be Confident

Our ambition is for you to grow your public speaking confidence markedly. So you are ready for any speech, whenever you are on the podium.


You can readily succeed with your conference speeches. Because, surely that's something that we all want.


A one-to-one public speaking skills coaching session is the ideal opportunity to develop your public speaking skills with your own personal trainer/ coach.


This public speaking coaching session is that opportunity. Since it's focused coaching. And, of course, we target it to your needs and make it personal to you.


You can always focus on one particular speech. For one conference or possibly a series of events. But equally, you can focus on all your core public speaking skills.

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Increase your public speaking skills and techniques.

Your Learning Points

there's a method

Learn the art of public speaking

tackle your fears

beginnings and endings

How to start your speech and how to end your speech

get involved

Engage your audience

work with your audience


When and how to take questions from your audience

Public Speaking Coaching

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"Extemporaneous speaking should be practised and cultivated. It is the lawyer's avenue to the public…"

Abraham Lincoln

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