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It’s a question many speakers ask: “Will I be asked back?” We don’t know whether the Queen asked that question in 1957 after her last speech at the comparatively new United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York. She was 31 years old, had been Queen for five years and the UN had seen only eight years of debate, speeches and talk. But the UN speech gap lasted for 53 years.

UN speech gap
UN Speech Gap Of 53 Years For The Queen

Whether the question was asked or even answered, it’s been a long wait for the Queen.

But 53 years after her first and last speech at the UN, the Queen speaks today as the Head of State of 16 UN member countries; far fewer than the last time she spoke.  Still, her UN speech gap is well and truly over.

Her speech today at the UN ends a long wait–probably longer than any other speaker could wait. In fact, there’s really no “probably” about it. I can’t imagine any of her audience would have been there for her first speech…except the Duke of Edinburgh, of course.

UN Speech Gap Ends

53 years later, she is no no longer waiting. Because her UN speech gap is well and truly over.

Endurance, patience and stamina mark out this particular speaker.

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  • Hi administrator I take pleasure from I like what you all have to say. Very straight to the point.

  • Her Royal Majesty is greatly aprreciated around the world. It is sometimes hard to remember what a good job she does. She is worth every pound spent on the civil list. Long live Her Majesty. Keep up the hard work.

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