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Last minute shopping for the presenter or public speaker in your life does have its drawbacks. Books and DVDs have all been done before. So what about technology or gadgets? Technology-overload can be a real problem at Christmas. If you are giving presents, then there’s so much to choose from. Do you buy the 2GB or the 4GB version?  Will the recipient be slightly disappointed not to receive the turbo version? Who knows? That’s why last minute shopping can prove awkward.

last minute shopping ideas for presenters
Some Ideas For The Presenter Or Public Speaker In Your Life

And if you are receiving presents you can be so seriously overwhelmed by the product and its packaging. You wonder “what does this do?

So, here’s an idea that you might want to try this Christmas. It’s not a plug. And, it’s not a sales trip. But we have seen successful people use this kit.

Because the Livescribe smartpen has caught our attention. We reckon that it could be ideal for anyone who has to prepare their speeches or presentations. It can “record” your handwriting and play it back as a digital recording. It can produce an audio-recording of a conference or a meeting…and then play it back. And, it’s a pretty good looking pen.

Seriously Useful For Presenters And Conference Speakers

It could be seriously useful for anyone drafting speeches or presentations.

It comes with a bearable price tag…though you will want to explore the pricing for all the other paraphernalia, such as special paper. Yes, you need to use their paper to make everything work.

For someone who still uses, upgrades and buys paraphernalia for their Filofax, I’d imagine that owning a Livescribe pen would carry the same ongoing costs. And after 30 years of Filofax, I’m still hooked.

It’s worth a try. So, Mrs Bowler…here’s something else on my last minute Christmas list.

Don’t forget that there’s still time to complete our Christmas speech quiz when you have some downtime this season. Good luck.

You can also discover a whole ream of public speaking and presentation skills tips here with our top tips. And, with more than 100 for you to read, watch and listen to there’s something for every public speaking occasion. Plus, when you require some extra focus on those all-important public speaking skills, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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About the Author

The Principal Trainer at training business Time to Market. Based in Oxford, I run presentation and public speaking training courses, coaching sessions and seminars throughout the UK.

  • If you speak about presenting, then I would suggest Anoto PenPresenter. Livescribe is a smartpen which is ideal for taking notes,

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