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There’s something very dated yet pleasantly reassuring about the Throne Speech in Bermuda. Governor Sir Richard Gozney delivered the speech this year at the re-convening of the national legislature.

Throne speech in Bermuda
Bermuda Governor Gives The Throne Speech In 2011

The Throne speech, delivered by the Governor, comprises the words of the small island’s Premier, Paula Cox. It’s the Progressive Labour Party’s political platform for the next parliamentary session. And that parliamentary session might be short.

Because reading through her speech,  it does sound like this speech is really the forerunner of an election.

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No Controversy With The Bermuda Throne Speech

But Sir Richard’s reading of the throne speech itself passed without controversy. His surroundings were quite remarkable, outside the Cabinet offices. He was beneath an awning that sheltered the assembled dignitaries from the hot sun. His natty Governor’s attire seemed in keeping with both the surroundings and the judges in his audience. That’s some dress code for a public speech.

But I did wonder whether his hat feathers would dislodge in the high wind blowing through the tent. That alone kept me attentive. Perhaps that’s another public speaking device? Anticipation of a future disaster?

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