Governor Perry Speech Goes Viral

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Nov 11

When you are in the news it’s a matter of fact that your every word and movement is going to be reported on. And that’s especially true for the prospective Republican Presidential candidates. Governor Rick Perry discovered that the hard way this week during the second of the Grand Old Party television debates.

His standard stump speech, repeated on numerous occasions, involves him listing the three main federal government agencies that his administration would axe. But on Monday night he couldn’t remember the third agency on his list. That’s something that’s happened to every public speaker on at least one occasion–but for a Presidential prospect, it’s a near-death moment. Yes, he recovered. But despite some prompting from Ron Paul, his fellow candidate,  he couldn’t bring the name of the agency to his lips. So he said:


Tremendous. Unfortunately such is the attention that’s on him right now that questions are being asked about his over all ability to be President.

And there’s also attention on another speech he gave in New Hampshire in October. The speech is now practically viral on the internet, it’s being commented on by all the tv shows and it’s been lampooned by Saturday Night Live.

As a speaker at this Cornerstone conservative grouping he’s definitely animated. His speech is certainly passionate…and perhaps his gestures are wild. But his words and his flow do follow. There is a sense and a logic to the words. But is he tired and emotional? You decide. Others certainly will.

Yes, Please

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