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President Bush gave the keynote speech at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) conference in Dallas, Texas yesterday. In stark contrast to former times, the Association’s members were politely reminded that microphones, cameras and video cameras were prohibited during the the President Bush speech and the subsequent questions. A very private speech from the public speaking George W Bush.

George Bush speech
President Bush Speech At The AWEA Convention In Dallas, 2010

However, the President was on sparkling form. And he certainly appeared well-rested after leaving office. So, this George Bush speech did not set out a grand vision for renewables, let alone wind energy. Because, that’s now the job of others.

But in reminding his audience that he, as Governor Bush,  signed the Texas renewable portfolio standard in 1999, he noted the long-term trend for renewable energy. And, he also placed a focus on Texas as the country’s leading wind generator State. Yes, with three times as much capacity as the second State, Iowa. That’s not an observation that many of his European detractors would be aware of. But it was a gentle reminder that politics is typically a lot more complicated than it might appear to outsiders. And, of course that’s something to ponder when you consider speeches like the Chris Huhne conference speech.

Indeed the President, under questioning by the Association’s President, did reveal that his Crawford ranch farmed its rainwater and made good use of geothermal energy. Quite something for a non-signatory of the Kyoto Protocol.

Questions Proved A Hit In This Bush Speech

In fact it was the question and answer session in which his audience had the chance to see the real George Bush:

“I am not interested in generating news, I am not interested in being in the limelight and I am not interested in criticizing my successor.”

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  • Amazing. I haven’t had a similar view here in Montreal, but I suppose that isn’t really too hard to imagine.

  • This is the first blog I have seen on this topic. Lots to consider. I’m going to show my teacher. It will definitely start a totally new conversation.

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