Colin Firth Cool With BAFTA Fridge Speech

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Feb 24

Brevity and wit characterised Colin Firth’s acceptance speech at the BAFTA Awards in London. In stark contrast to other less well-worked speeches, the Best Actor winner’s BAFTA fridge speech was solid. because it related a story about how his email declining the role in the Tom Ford movie, A Single Man, wasn’t sent as he was¬†interrupted by a fridge repair man. Yes, the fridge repair man.

BAFTA fridge speech

BAFTA Fridge Speech from Colin Firth

Marked by regular laughs, his short speech paid fulsome tribute to his director, his colleagues, his wife Livia and “the fridge guy”.

BAFTA Fridge Speech Featuring The Fridge Guy

He’s good at self-deprecation and he used it well in this acceptance speech. But, he’s also got the timing and the pauses that suggest a degree of nervousness. Hesitation and nervousness appear to go hand in hand, particularly with conversation styles. But, with public speaking we typically find nervousness paired with a rapid delivery style. Perhaps it’s a desire to get the speaking ordeal over and done with? Probably.

But, with this BAFTA fridge speech, we sense that he had prepared his speech beforehand. And doubtless he had rehearsed it as well. So, a good performance all round.

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