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The final words from Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament in Brussels were always going to be highly anticipated. That much was evident from the media scrum outside, in the media balconies and fellow Parliamentarians busily filming the occasion. So his last speech in the Parliament certainly didn't disappoint. But whilst many fellow MEPs appeared tearful at the prospect of their departure, that sentiment wasn't on display from the Brexit Party Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Put simply, this was most perfectly a eustress moment.

Final words from Farage

Final Words From Nigel Farage Are Certainly No Eulogy

Because these final words didn't comprise a eulogy for the dear-departed European Union (EU). Far from it. Since this speech was more about Nigel Farage nailing down the coffin with enthusiasm as the euphoniums played.

It's fair to say that Nigel Farage has had some fun with his EU parliament speeches. They've always been widely shared, liked and commented on. But not by the BBC, strangely. And clearly, some of his opening remarks shed light on earlier speeches.

I walked in here, You all thought it was terribly funny. You stopped laughing in 2016.

Yes, that was a memorable speech. Of course his final words had to take a swipe at the institutions of the EU. And so he duly obliged.

What Do We Want? Lists

Lists work well in a good speech, even one as short as these final words from Nigel.

What do we want from Europe? We want trade, friendship, co-operation, reciprocity.
We don't need a European Commission. We don't need a European Court, we don't need these institutions.

After the best part of 21 years in the EU Parliament, these words were very familiar to his euphoric audience.

If anyone was hoping for some euphemistic language they were disappointed. Because Nigel didn't mince his words as he gave his final speech.

You may loathe populism, but I'll tell you a funny thing. It's becoming very popular.

Final Words Nearing The End

Was there a eureka moment in these final words? Perhaps we heard it as Nigel mixed in plenty of repetition for solid hitting effect.

It has great benefits.
No more financial contributions. No more European Court of Justice. No more Common Fisheries Policy. No more being talked down to. No more being bullied. No more Guy Verhofstadt. I mean, what's not to like.

That was always going to get a cheer and even a wry smile from Mr Verhofstadt  himself.

By way of a conclusion to his final words, Mr Farage reached for a prop-laden team-driven piece of theatre.

We are going to wave you goodbye.

And of course as the Brexit Party MEPs dutifully waved their Union flags, the Parliament shut down Nigel's microphone, with the words:

If you disobey the rules you get cut off.

Glorious. The Chair of the debate perfectly summed up the state of the European Union so vociferously opposed by Mr Farage. Euthanasia might be too kind for this ossifying EU institution. Still, it's nearly time for no more EU speeches.

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