Me Tarzan. Me Speechless. Heseltine Keeps Lords A Waiting

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Jul 12
Lord Heseltine

Me Tarzan. Me Speechless.

In his heyday he was beloved by the Tory party conference ladies as “Tarzan.” But in his new reincarnation, Lord Heseltine today is a jungle cry from the politician of old. For starters, he’s a lot quieter.

Nearly ten years after his elevation to the House of Lords, Lord Heseltine has yet to make his maiden speech. It can’t be nerves. As Michael Heseltine he certainly knew a thing or two about speaking from the conference platform.

His own view is that he’s too busy with his publishing business to get too committed to speech making in the House.

Such restraint from a Peer. It makes a stark contrast to the maiden speech frenzy of the newly-elected Members of Parliament.


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