Queen’s Speech At Christmas 2011

Speech Has Irish Eyes Smiling

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Dec 20

There was a time when the Queen’s Speech at Christmas was the much-anticipated TV event of the season. But things have changed over the years. That’s certainly since the peak of 27 million viewers for the speech in 1987. Some viewing figure.

Queen's Speech At Christmas

The Queen’s Speech At Christmas 2011 Is Big News In Ireland

But we suspect that the falling viewing figures well re-bound in spectacular fashion. That’s because there’s considerable interest in the Royal family this year. Since, there are, of course, two Royal weddings and Prince Philip’s 90th birthday.

Around the world the Queen’s speech at Christmas, the 59th of her reign, remains eagerly anticipated. Nowhere more so than in Ireland. Really, Ireland?

Ireland Awaits The Queen’s Christmas Speech

Yes, it seems that Ireland has found an enthusiasm for the Queen’s speech at Christmas since her successful State Visit to Ireland in May 2011. The hope is that the speech, which will be broadcast around the world, will feature plenty of footage from the State Visit. People hope that it will highlight many of the picturesque sights and scenes of Ireland taken during the trip.

There’s a relentless commercial logic to the enthusiasm. Many Irish citizens anticipate that the Speech, produced this year by Sky News, will be upbeat, buoyant and full of scenic photography. Not least of Ireland. The Emerald Isle should shine. Well, that’s the expectation. And that’s got to be good for the tourist industry in Ireland, surely.

If a speech can engender such interest that’s got to be a good thing.

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