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Inspiration isn’t usually scarce when it comes to Olympic events…particularly for the team from the host nation. So it’s noteworthy that a Dame Kelly Holmes speech is credited with inspiring the team GB football (soccer) team. So, can the Olympic double gold medal winner inspire the team?

Kelly Holmes Speech
A Kelly Holmes Speech Inspires Team GB Olympic Footballers

The team’s a diverse bunch. Some play for the same club and some of the players play for the same national team but none of them has played together for Great Britain before.

The fact is that the home nation football associations have co-operated with a GB football team in such a unique fashion to support London 2012. And it’s no surprise, with legacy in mind, that Dame Kelly Holmes has spoken to the team about the Olympic ideals.

Team members probably had no more idea of the Olympic movement’s meaning than a typical spectator. Some knowledge. But not exactly immersed in it all.

Dame Kelly Holmes Speech Inspires

But according to Team GB player Micah Richards Dame Kelly’s speech put that right.

Her inspiring oration to the team before their first match against Senegal captured the essence of of the Olympic movement and what it means for an athlete to participate. Dai Greene captured that spirit in his GB team captain speech.

Her speech got the team to appreciate the significance of their participation. In terms of motivating the team, her speech came close to helping them secure a 1-0 victory. But it was not to be with the teams eventually drawing 1-1.

Still, if her speech resonated enough to encourage the team to beat the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 3-1 over the weekend then it’s worked marvels.

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