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Speech translation services launched by Japan mobile operator NTT DoCoMo could prove seriously useful to the task of providing a real time translation of speeches and presentations. That’s a pretty widespread view after seeing the speech conversion service in action

Speech translation service
Speech Translation Service From Japan Mobile Giant NTT DoCoMo

The new services, which were previewed in June this year, comprise speech recognition, automated translation and speech to text conversion of the results. All in, that’s quite a range of services to deliver.

One of the two main services caught our eye. The service involves a small smartphone app that shows a text translation display of the speech that’s just been heard. It’s very much targeted at tourists or travellers looking to get around Japan. But it has an added attraction in the business market. And that’s because you can support a near-simultaneous translation of business speeches and presentations. However, could it really work?

Speech Translation For Meetings Or Conferences?

Well, in a working environment I suspect that it could work in a smaller meeting room. But would its sensitivity extend to larger venues? Perhaps not. But it would be well worth a try in a larger auditorium or conference centre. Because it just might prove to be a real boost for speech audiences. Not least when they want to listen to international speakers. So, speech conversion is certainly worth a try.

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