Two thirds of presenters noted that they experienced presentation nerves when asked to speak for a pre-determined time by a conference organiser. That’s a nervousness with the fixed time limit.

Presentation nerves
Presentation Nerves Unsettle Presenters

In an anonymous survey by Time to Market, presenters were asked for their views about presenting for a set period of time.

Presentation Nerves When Speaking For A Set Time

Most presenters noted their typical presentation lasted for 45 minutes or so. However, only one speaker was noted for their brevity. They spoke typically for only 15 minutes. Remarkable.

Receiving a “5 minutes to go” signal might be expected to precipitate panic. But our presenters were made from sterner stuff. In an even distribution of results, some presenters noted “Oh my God!” Others remained calm and still others were convinced that they had never received such a signal…a remarkable contention given that two thirds of presenters routinely spoke beyond their allotted time.

But at least presenters’ time keeping methods stand the test of time! Practice, rehearsal and the use of a watch or clock on the speaker’s table were all cited as key time keeping tips.

Thankfully no one in the survey trusted in lucky trinkets or mascots to keep them on time. And, unusually perhaps, no one tried to memorise their presentation in an effort to stick to the time budget.

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