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What Makes Us Different?

For many people a fear of public speaking can hold them back. It can hold back their career. And, of course it holds back their career aspirations.

Others dread to give a PowerPoint presentation. So they avoid them. They avoid presentations and this affects their outcomes at work, their profession and their career.

It's quite a problem. And it's something we wanted to help with.

We aim to encourage and motivate everyone to give solid, engaging presentations and speeches. No matter if the presentation is at your golf club. Or, indeed if your speech is at the Manchester Central. So, that's business people, managers, professionals, academics and students. Everyone. And, yes, we also help people with their wedding day speech nerves.

Our ambition is to give all our clients the confidence and skills to speak in public. So they can be truly effective when they have to give a presentation.

Our class sizes are purposefully small so everyone can practise their skills. We offer ongoing feedback throughout the half-day, one day and two day courses. Our trainers enliven each course with practical exercises to boost your public speaking knowledge.

What Our Customers Say About Time To Market...

I will recommend you to others in North Wales and beyond.

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North Wales

The training was great, the whole team seemed to enjoy it and definitely are more confident in themselves presenting in the future, thank you.


The feedback on the training was great and all the staff took away some valuable tools.


Our Progress

Based in the United Kingdom and operational since 2001, Time to Market is a successful presentation and public speaking skills training business. Keeping the focus narrow we concentrate on training a range of corporate, small business, student and private clients.

Time to Market was formed in 2001 by our Principal Trainer, Andrew Ivey. We are based in Oxford and have presentation training centres all around the country.

Andrew Ivey

Andrew Ivey, Principal Trainer

The Next Steps

Our commitment to boosting the confidence of business presenters and public speakers throughout the country remains strong. We have a series of new training initiatives for the year ahead. New training videos, new podcasts and, of course, new courses.

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Do You Have Questions?

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Do you have a question about how to give your presentation skills a real boost? Then we are always happy to help. Please don't hesitate to ask.