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The David Cameron EU speech is receiving some serious attention, review and comment. And he hasn’t even given the speech yet. But that’s what happens when you build expectations in advance.

David Cameron EU Speech
The Waiting Is Nearly Over For The David Cameron EU Speech

We understand that he has set the date for his EU speech for tomorrow. He has already written the speech and he has shared it with a number of the Prime Minister’s colleagues and senior Parliamentarians.

So, given its visibility, it’s not surprising therefore that some Cabinet members are already critical of the David Cameron EU speech in public. Clearly the speech wasn’t embargoed when Vince Cable or Ken Clarke read their copies.

But carping from the sidelines about the contents of the speech isn’t just the preserve of those in the know. It’s also the preserve of those who want to second guess its contents. Or, perhaps, those who want to wrong-foot the speaker in advance.

Speculation Builds Over The David Cameron EU Speech

But for most of us, including the Leader of the Opposition, guessing the contents of this EU speech is speculation. Idle speculation for some and informed speculation for others.

That’s probably how it should be.

What is refreshing is that a Prime Minister’s speech should be eagerly anticipated…for its content. So often the contents of the Prime Minister’s speeches brim with rhetoric yet lack real substance. And there’s little chance that people will fall asleep in this David Cameron EU speech, unlike his Diwali speech.

It’s fair to say that before Mr Cameron speaks, this speech has more attention  than many other speeches get immediately after their delivery. Perhaps the Prime Minister really is on to something here? Oh, the anticipation.

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