PowerPoint 2013 Points to a New Presentation Future

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Jul 18
Presenter with PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2013 points to a new presentation future

We’ve asked the question, “which presentation manager?” in the past.

That question was pre-empted by the new availability of some rather good online presentation managers. Presentation managers that might have had the edge on Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software.

So it’s no surprise that the insights we’ve been given into the new PowerPoint 2013 suggest that the innovative newcomers have inspired some change in PowerPoint.

The new PowerPoint 2013 seems to be more design friendly steering itself towards classier and more elegant presentation styles. I couldn’t see a mention of clipart…but everyone must hope that’s gone the way of all things.

Navigation grids and zooming functionality also seem inspired by others. That’s not a problem. These sound like good developments for PowerPoint presentations.

Collaboration with work colleagues near and far is a key feature of PowerPoint 2013. We didn’t think that the cloud could be far from any Microsoft announcement so the news that collaboration is to be facilitated by presentations being saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default was not unexpected.

A neat little PowerPoint web app is also appealing–enabling you to collaborate on a PowerPoint presentation with someone who doesn’t have PowerPoint. That’s more like it.

There’s bound to be further news and user trials yet, but it seems that PowerPoint 2013 is pointing to a new, if not better, presentation future. The team at the anti-PowerPoint party won’t be enamoured of this PowerPoint presentation update…but most business presenters will feel more comfortable trying it.


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