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The decision to cancel a public speech doesn’t always make the news. But when it’s the President of the United States cancelling a major public address? That’s news. I mean, why cancel a speech?

why cancel a speech
Why Cancel A Speech In Rio De Janeiro?

White House staff have cancelled a speech that the President had planned to give in a square in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. The speech was originally planned to be given by Barack Obama in an historic square known as Cinelandia, right in the middle of the City.

But, now its been cancelled…and the suggestion is that he will make some remarks at the Rio Municipal Theatre instead. That’s not good news for the many people who had planned to listen to his speech. The theatre venue is comparatively very small and there’s the suggestion that his speech will be for an invited audience only.

Disappointment all round.

Why Cancel A Speech In Rio De Janeiro?

The question is why cancel a speech? Security concerns are probably uppermost in the minds of anyone responsible for the President’s engagements…and on a foreign tour these must be more pressing. That’s particularly so, as the 2-day Brazil visit is followed by a trip to Chile and El Salvador. And then the President returns to Washington D.C.

But, it’s not so clear. So, why would you cancel a speech? Beyond security concerns you might have a question or two over audience safety or the dangers of crushing. Of course, there are other more sinister reasons. Because you only have to think about the Bulgarian conference speech that nearly ended in disaster. And, of course it was only a lengthy speech that saved former President Roosevelt from an assassin. Who knows? It’s pure speculation. But there are many disappointed Brazilians who won’t get to hear the President speak.

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  • It is really disappointing that Obama won’t deliver his so much expected speech in Rio. Brazil is on of the most important Latin American countries and his words were going to be highly appreciated not only by Brazilians but by many other Latin Americans as well.

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