Ahmadinejad’s Farsi United Nations Speech Farce

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Sep 23

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad had another eventful day at the United Nations this week. Last year his speech to the United Nations was boycotted by numerous government delegations.

This year no-one boycotted his speech. There again, they really didn’t need to because technical problems disrupted the opening two minutes of the speech. As if that wasn’t enough, the simultaneous translation of the speech then stopped altogether.

The translators continued with a prepared translated text. The sense was that many of the President’s main points weren’t being picked up in the prepared transcript.

The President kept it together, however, in very difficult speaking conditions. His experience must add to his obvious belief that many countries get a raw deal from the United Nations.

Yes, Please

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  • Blogmaster says:

    Spoke too soon. His speech yesterday at the United Nations prompted another walk-out from some delegations. I wonder if that’s the audience reaction he’s looking for when he gets to work with the speech writer?

  • He is a braveman, Good, I’ll support you

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