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When it's your turn to receive an award for your comic acting brilliance, then you really do want it to go flawlessly well. And that includes your acceptance speech. Because nobody wants an incoherent acceptance speech. They want brilliance, wit and style. And brevity, of course.

Incoherent acceptance speech

An Incoherent Acceptance Speech From Noah Centineo at the People's Choice Awards In Santa Monica

Well, yesterday it was Noah Centineo's turn to receive an award at the People's Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California. This is a prestigious awards ceremony and there was no hiding Noah's delight when he realised that he'd won the award for Best Comedy Movie Star for his work in The Perfect Date. Great stuff.

His acceptance speech was brief. And that's always a good thing for such a speech. But it was also clearly unprepared, although he did manage a stream of thanks to fellow cast and crew. And that is always a good plan when you give an acceptance speech. Just consider the reaction to this Justin Bieber speech when he omitted someone's name.

Incoherent Acceptance Speech Leaves Santa Monica Audience Bemused

However, he tailed off towards the end of this mercifully short, but incoherent acceptance speech. And his final words were simply bizarre.

Before I go, I just want to say, it matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others.

Now, I'm sure that his motive and sentiments are supremely virtuous as a comic actor. But he's neither a wordsmith nor a scriptwriter. And it really does show.

But, we can't carp. He's done well with his acting career and he's got the people's vote. Well done.

Of course when you want to know how to give an acceptance speech, you can always turn to our regular series of public speaking tips. And with more than 100 top tips for speakers and presenters, there's a tip for every occasion. Plus, when you are ready to give something other than an incoherent acceptance speech perhaps, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Because a well-timed skills training intervention will do wonders. For you and your audience.


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