Get It Right At The Awards Ceremony

So, you have to give a good acceptance speech. Congratulations. But, what is the event? An awards ceremony, a presentation evening or an office party speech? No matter the event, there are some simple techniques for how to give an acceptance speech.

How to give an acceptance speech

Discover How To Give An Acceptance Speech

Know How To Give Your Acceptance Speech

Most, but not all acceptance speeches are short. So, take a cue from the Academy Awards (The Oscars). They organised a 45 second speech rule for acceptance speeches back in 2010. Therefore, you can expect any Oscars acceptance speech to be curtailed with a musical accompaniment after 45 seconds. It does work. Because there are so many examples of acceptance speeches that never seem to stop.

But, beyond brevity your acceptance speech should contain all the right elements. The key points that just have to be there.

How To Give An Acceptance Speech

What You Should Include In Your Acceptance Speech.

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    An introduction, perhaps with a story
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    Thanks to people who have helped you
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    Next steps or learning points
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    Thank you, and goodbye

And that really is it. Your acceptance speech is just your chance to say thank you for the recognition. And, yes it's a thank you for the appreciation. Not least, because you are grateful for the privilege. That certainly came through with the Kate Winslet acceptance speech for Mildred Pierce.

So, who will you mention in your acceptance speech? Again, it's best to keep your list short. Because we've all heard those acceptance speeches where every member of the family is mentioned, plus the masseuse and the pet dog.

So, seriously, aim to keep your thanks relevant to the main subject. If you are lucky enough to be in with a chance of winning an Oscar, we might expect to hear you thank the producers. But, if it's Harvey Weinstein, perhaps not. Will Pavia, New York correspondent for The Times, calculates that former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein was name-checked 11 times during his career by best actor/ actress and best supporting actor/ actress Oscar winners. But, no more.

Stories Always Work In Your Acceptance Speech

Stories always work well in an acceptance speech. But you have to tell them well. Of course, Colin Firth did just that with his BAFTA fridge speech when he won a BAFTA for A Single Man, in 2010. That speech also managed to link the story as a central theme.

And, when you have finished your acceptance speech, you can return the microphone and re-take your seat in the audience. Of course, the after-party beckons. But it's also very polite to listen to all the remaining awards and their associated speeches as well. And, it really should go without saying that you should also aim to hold back with the drinks before the awards ceremony gets going…if you are a nominee. Because you might well win. That was clearly a problem with a Mariah Carey speech when she won an award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2010.

Now, is there room for an impromptu speech? Of course there is. Just make sure that you follow the impromptu speech advice of former Oscar nominee, Quebec-based director Denis Villeneuve. And then prepare your acceptance speech well in advance.

      How To Give An Acceptance Speech

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