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A blustering speech from President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan left many international observers puzzling yesterday. Not least because this President Karzai speech came just days after a public dressing-down by President Obama. And it also came the day after the Afghan Parliament voted against his amendments to a law that banned non-Afghans from the UN-backed election commission that exposed last year’s election fraud.

Hamid Karzai speech
President Hamid Karzai Speech Gives No Comfort To International Community

President Karzai Speech Is A Puzzle

Both puzzling and contrary. That’s the essence of the Karzai speech and it’s probably also a useful analogy for Afghanistan as well.

The speech carried few moments of eloquence but his repetition style near the beginning was noteworthy:

“There is no doubt that the fraud was very widespread, but this fraud was not committed by Afghans, it was committed by foreigners. This fraud was committed by Galbraith, this fraud was committed by Morillon and this fraud was committed by embassies.”

This was certainly not his best speaking performance. But it’s a political speech that signals more trouble ahead for Afghanistan and the international community. And, of course, that’s not what most people want to hear in a President Karzai speech.

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