Speech Set to Build a Personal New Jerusalem in Wake of Olympic Visit Romneyshambles

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Jul 29
A Jersualem speech for Mitt Romney

Jerusalem speech for Mitt Romney aims to re-energise international campaign

Sometimes the prospect of a speech has more importance than the speech itself. That’s certainly the case with a speech in Jerusalem planned by Mitt Romney.

The speech by Republican party Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is expected to divert attention from his failed charm offensive in London.

In fact the London trip proved to be more offensive than charming. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The low point was his interview with NBC that appeared to highlight the unpreparedness of London to host the Games. That low point just got deeper as everyone he sought to charm then sought to put him right.

Jerusalem Speech for Romney

Fresh from his problem-laden trip to London his speech in Jerusalem looks for a new beginning. But the question is, will the rousing rendition of Sir Charles Hubert Parry’s 1916 masterpiece, Jerusalem, played at the Olympic opening ceremony re-energise the Romney international campaign?

It might take more than that. His speech in Jerusalem is expected to stress his commitment, as a potential President, to Israel. On the face of it, that might not be hard to do…President Obama hasn’t visited Israel since taking office in 2009.

But there’s an expectation that his speech might prove over-bellicose to Israel’s near neighbour–Iran. Will his reading of Jerusalem‘s reference to arrows, bow and spear at Friday evening’s London 2012 opening ceremony be taken a bit too literally? It’s a speech that matters

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