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Cherie Blair used a speech in Beijing last week to have a friendly poke at her former neighbour in Downing Street. Yes, this Cherie Blair speech had a bit of a poke at Gordon Brown! How uncivil. Not least because he’s no mean speaker himself as we saw in the 2010 Labour manifesto speech.

Cherie Blair speech
Cherie Blair Speech In Beijing Pokes Fun At The Neighbours

Actually, it wasn’t really that bad. Certainly no need for a big row, anyway. Because this Cherie Blair speech at the Bookworm store in China’s Capital observed:

“Tony’s very good at communicating. In politics, communication is important. That’s why some people are good politicians and some people are better as…financial directors, shall we say.”

Studiously—like the lawyer she is—She didn’t name names. But then she didn’t have to. That’s because sometimes it’s what you don’t say in your speech that’s more telling. It’s the slow reveal that matters. Or, of course, just the hint that inspires both curiosity and interest.

However, on a serious point there are always some rules on what not to say in your speech. But her little aside is probably on the right side here. Not least because it’s intriguing and worthy of more discussion. And that, of course, is  the primary purpose of any speech. Even a Cherie Blair speech in Beijing.

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