Flash Gordon Eyes Glittering Public Speaking Fee

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Aug 06
Gordon Brown MP

Gordon Brown is set to command high public speaking fees

News that Gordon Brown could earn some £70,000 for a single after-dinner speech might not be that wide of the mark.

It’s estimated that his predecessor, Tony Blair, earns some £400,000 for a single speech in the USA…when he’s not busy helping out the UK Labour party, serving as Middle East peace envoy or fulfilling one of his many other business roles.

But if the question is, “can Gordon command such a fee”? The answer has to be “yes”.

It’s true that his skills of oratory are not a patch on either Tony Blair or David Cameron. But that’s not really the point.

His ability to command a speaking fee of £70,000 per engagement is everything to do with his content, his relevance and his topicality.

Public Speaking Fees On the Rise

The content of his speeches in corporate America will undoubtedly be the saving of the World’s economic order…and the role played by him between 2007 and 2009. It’s most unlikely that a fee paying audience will want to be lectured on the role he took in eliminating world poverty.

His relevance is undoubted. As a former Chancellor of the Exchequer for donkeys years and as Prime Minister he was not a spectator at the economic meltdown that occurred in Europe and the USA. He was a key player.

And topicality? The recovery continues. It’s slow and it will take a few more years yet…so the matter of how we got into this mess and how we get out of it remains topical.

But £70,000 a speech? Yes, no problem at all…it’s all about presentation content, relevance and topicality. And thinking of topicality…it won’t be topical for ever, Gordon.


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