Nuts. Harman Apologises For Ginger Rodent Speech

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Nov 01

Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Harriet Harman, was left red-faced about a red-haired remark she made in a ginger rodent speech last week. The former Equalities Minister spoke at the Scottish Labour Party Conference in Oban. And it was there when she labelled the Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander a “ginger rodent.”

ginger rodent speech

A Ginger Rodent Speech By Harriet Harman At The Scottish Labour Party Conference In Oban

Danny Alexander is also the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. But, he’s also the Liberal Democrat MP that most people link with the Government’s programme of cuts. And, of course, he’s red-haired.

Ginger Rodent Speech Reality Bites

The Scottish Labour Party realised that she’d made an error in her speech. And so, she subsequently apologised for her comments in the ginger rodent speech. However, we feel that she knew she had said too much in her speech when she considered the mass of Scottish redheads in her Conference audience. Her apology wasn’t about hard feelings. But it was all about political expediency and the Scottish vote.

Of course, the speed of the apology is  a bit disappointing. Since seasoned politicians of today are certainly no match for those of yesterday. Certainly not as we highlight with these speech quotes:

“Peter Mandelson shook hands with Mickey Mouse and noticed he was wearing a Harriet Harman watch.” (William Hague)

“…like being savaged by a dead sheep.” (Denis Healey on Geoffrey Howe)

“An empty taxi arrived at 10 Downing Street, and when the door was opened, Attlee got out.” Winston Churchill on Clement Attlee)

Now that was when political correctness didn’t get in the way of a good jibe…and the speaker was certainly not red-faced about making it! Red in tooth and claw, if not ginger.

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