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Usually when we feature a speech by President Obama it's a tour de force. It brims with rhetorical devices and oratory. It's never a case of a speechless Obama. Far from it, in fact.

Speechless Obama

A Speechless Obama Video Parody Proves Entertaining

But on this occasion it's a bit different. Yes, the backdrop looks suitably familiar and well-managed. That management of the backdrop is certainly something the President has given to speech makers the world over. On this occasion the backdrop works. But it didn't work with the President Obama Kalamazoo speech, when someone fell asleep.

Speechless Obama Is Note Perfect

But this is a parody. It's created by Mario Wienerroither who specialises in musicless musicvideos. Musiclesss? That's right. His videos feature musicians or dancers who work without their usual backing sound track. Instead Mario applies a new soundtrack that works with the video images…to perfection.

So, with this video of the speechless Obama, all you hear are the incidental sounds, grunts, ahems and coughs of a speechless President Obama. It's great fun and brilliantly executed. So, we anticipate an introduction, perhaps a middle section and, of course, an ending...but no real speech. Yes, there's background noise: coughs, clapping and a cellphone chirruping. But no speech!

Click to play

Please don't adjust your sets. It's a spoof! But what a great spoof it is. For many of us the fear of public speaking is wrapped up in this video. That's the fear of standing up on the podium, behind the lectern and then…just drying up.

Speechless stories are always interesting to us. But this one was definitely more palatable than the story about Kim Jong-il, the speechless dictator.

Fortunately drying up on the conference podium is a rarity. Plenty of practice and rehearsal should give you the confidence you need. But if you do have that lingering fear of public speaking? Then, there's always help at hand to help you overcome the obstacles in your way.

So, if that's what you want, please get in touch for public speaking coaching to help you get ready for the next big speaking opportunity.?

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