Your Country Needs You

...To Stay Awake For The President's Kalamazoo Speech

By Andrew Ivey | Speeches

Jun 08

So, you’ve worked tirelessly to win President Obama’s “Race to the Top” video competition. Therefore, is there some excuse to gently nod off to sleep during your class of 2010 commencement speech? Perhaps so. But what if the commencement speech is the President Obama Kalamazoo speech, at your very own school?

“To sleep: perchance to dream…” Shakespeare

Obama Kalamazoo speech

Student falls Asleep During This President Obama Kalamazoo Speech

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Some unfortunate student was filmed falling asleep as his classmates listened to the rousing rhetoric of the President.

As the President regaled the class of 2010 at the Kalamazoo Central High School with the call to action, “Your country needs you,” he slept.

That’s right. In the full glare of the commencement speech. The young man chose to take a well-earned sleep. And, of course, because he sat directly behind the President, he was in full sight. Priceless. And it wasn’t even a lengthy speech.

Obama Kalamazoo Speech Inspires Sleep

We can, of course, only guess at how long he had to wait before the commencement speech started. But everything about the Obama Kalamazoo speech suggests the usual tight security. Perhaps the audience had to wait several hours before the speech started. Still, no-one was hurt! Apart from the young man’s pride. And perhaps the President’s feelings.

A priceless introduction to highbrow political speech making for the young man.

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