Galloway Speech Signals Spring Time For Bradford

By Andrew Ivey | Public Speaking

Apr 01

You’d expect him to have more detractors than supporters. Yet somehow veteran politician George Galloway surprised everyone with his Bradford West by-election win on Friday. Because that’s the nature of by-elections. It’s their surprise factor. And then everyone in the by-election count was duly surprised with this George Galloway speech.

Galloway Speech

George Galloway Speech In Bradford 2012

The Leader of the Respect party is no stranger to controversy. His speeches and rhetoric have their admirers. But until the result of the by-election was announced no-one knew just how many admirers he had.

Now we know. The new Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West has 10,000 more supporters than any other candidate. That’s some margin.

A Rousing George Galloway Speech

George signalled that fact with a rousing speech to his supporters in Bradford West. They’ve grown used to his rhetoric in the weeks leading up to the election, following the resignation of the previous Labour party incumbent due to ill-health.

And with Mr Galloway now elected to Parliament we can expect to hear more speeches and rhetoric from him. Because it’s been a while since George has so entertained us with a speech. The George Galloway Calgary speech was clearly some time ago now. So, it’s spring time for Bradford. And it’s spring time for George Galloway.

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